Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mastering puppets

As a zen practitioner I don't see myself as a spiritual seeker. Being a seeker would mean that I am in search for something away from here and now, away from myself. The funny thing is that wherever you go, you automatically turn that place and time in your here and now, that place and time becomes you.

We are some kind of King Midas, everything we touch become gold, our gold, what we most value. What we see, feel and experience are the values that we project onto reality. We are the center of our own universes willing or not, knowing or not.

Zen, as I understand, is a realization of that. It's a realization that one needs to stop dreaming, that one needs to stop sleeping, that one needs to stop the self-imposed distractions, that one is the master of the puppets of one's own life. Therefore, one needs to step in from the periphery of one's own life. Realize that you are the master of the puppets that your experiences are.

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