Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Courage is the opposite of certainty

I've been made a man.
Man enough to cry,and to rely
on the strength
of my fragility.

I'm thankful
for my ability
to be
what I am.
Even though
I don't understand.
Even though
I can't see
what is gonna be
the end.

is not related
to certainty.
It's nothing else
but Trust.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Life is not what is left behind

Cycles of time,
moods, tides,
And I live.
I live happily.

Life is not what is left behind.
We don't have to understand.
Just to stand under
the clouds passing by,
close our eyes,
and admire.

Kindness as Thunder. Love as rain.

Give me a minute of peace
and I'll drown in it.
Swalling every bite.
Biting every piece.

Than, the taste:
a hurricane.
Having Kindness
as thunder,and Love as rain.

Human race
would never need death
If its days
were always like this

Sunday, May 9, 2004

Suffering, sometimes, is God's favor

A pinch of Salt,
a full cup of pleasure
cooked under the storms
of an unbearable pressure
to become insane.

What is this new place?
What is its name?

My love is a beast
that I can't tame.
Tearing my heart apart.
Hunting the World down.
Bare hands. Big game.

Suffering, sometimes,
is God's favor,
after thousands of deserts,
a little Oasis...
but what flavor!