Saturday, April 30, 2005

Zen warrior

The weapon of a zen warrior is his/her bowl. Emptiness, receptivity. They receive, they experience, then they choose. I've said before that every moment, that Reality is empty, waiting for us to fulfill it. The person of zen fulfills Reality with emptiness, and finds fulfillment in Reality's emptiness. Emptiness meet emptiness, then the void without boundaries, the limitless sky. Like two mirrors meeting each other, reflecting nothing they reveal the Infinite.

And I like to the sky as a metaphor. Because the sky is just a illusion of our eyes. When you go in the sky, in a airplane, or balloon, you can't see the sky, you can't touch anything. The sky is not there. And, if it was there, it wouldn't be infinite. Would it?

This is it.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shit happens

I got a first comment to my postings few days ago. All it said was: "Shit happens".

One has to agree, that is absolutely true. And shit just not happens, it happens all the time. Life is shit. It can be seen as pollution or fertilizer. But it always there.

Difficult, hardship, suffering is a natural part of life. There is no Life without effort. Life is based and dependable on effort. Destruction or creation, if you're growing or decaying, the need of effort will be there. If you are a type A personality or just flat lazy and withdrawal , effort is needed. There is no Life without effort. You are struggling or you are striving, there is no other choice. We are always choosing, making decisions, thinking.

The true nature of the mind is to be on activity all the time. This constant activity burn it out. It makes us a little crazy. But then we have this little trick called meditation to deceive the mind. Meditation is an active not doing. We make ourselves actively inactive. You stop in a car wash. Turn off the engine. Five minutes, ten minutes, and you are like new.

This is it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Take a break, or break down

We don't leave our appliances turn on 24 hours. We don't leave the engine of our car turned on 24 hours a day. Just because that would be a stupid and useless waste of energy. On top of that it would shorten the their lifetime. Everything needs rest, maintenance and repair.

What makes me amazed, or better, scared, is that people treat objects better than their own minds. It's now wonder most people has some degree of insanity. We leave our minds on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Aware or not, but always on. So, just take a break, sit down for five minutes when we feel overwhelmed, or any rhythm that don't interfere with or stupid schedule. Meditate for your sanity, if it is any worth :)

It's just like to stop playing a CD when it is skipping. We go and wash all the greasy digital prints off of it. It just take five minutes. Do that to your mind, and all the obsessive behaviors, the repetitive soft addictions will get washed off.

This is it.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Meditation is defecation

Meditate and defecate, they are about the same: getting rid of toxins. Mental toxins, chemical toxins, emotional toxins; all is poison.

Now, I know, I sound weird talking like this. Even talking to a physician, one feels weird talking about defecate. Even talking to a loved one, we feel uncomfortable talking about intimacy. That is because that makes us vulnerable.

Meditation is about cleaning one's own being. It's about opening you up. And don't be afraid of becoming vulnerable. Because your true being is Eternal, Infinite and indestructible.

All you have to do is not do anything. Exactly like when you defecate. Just sit and relax. Defecation happens by itself. If you try to do it, nothing happens. And if what comes out stinks too much, just watch what you have been allowing to get into your mouth. Just watch what you have been allowing to come into your heart.

This is it.

Friday, April 22, 2005

Eternity costs only five minutes

Meditation is just like food, bath, water. It's something that everybody needs. It's not gonna happen by itself, you have to create the circumstances for it.

One can go a whole life without meditation, but that is like living in a staled, muddy, dead pool of water. And can you tell me why isn't stupid to live in a staled, muddy, dead pool of water? When one can be the Ocean, the Rain, the Rivers, be the very source of Life.

Eternity, Infinity costs only five minutes of meditation a day. There is no better deal than this.

This is it.