Thursday, April 28, 2005

Shit happens

I got a first comment to my postings few days ago. All it said was: "Shit happens".

One has to agree, that is absolutely true. And shit just not happens, it happens all the time. Life is shit. It can be seen as pollution or fertilizer. But it always there.

Difficult, hardship, suffering is a natural part of life. There is no Life without effort. Life is based and dependable on effort. Destruction or creation, if you're growing or decaying, the need of effort will be there. If you are a type A personality or just flat lazy and withdrawal , effort is needed. There is no Life without effort. You are struggling or you are striving, there is no other choice. We are always choosing, making decisions, thinking.

The true nature of the mind is to be on activity all the time. This constant activity burn it out. It makes us a little crazy. But then we have this little trick called meditation to deceive the mind. Meditation is an active not doing. We make ourselves actively inactive. You stop in a car wash. Turn off the engine. Five minutes, ten minutes, and you are like new.

This is it.

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