Saturday, April 23, 2005

Meditation is defecation

Meditate and defecate, they are about the same: getting rid of toxins. Mental toxins, chemical toxins, emotional toxins; all is poison.

Now, I know, I sound weird talking like this. Even talking to a physician, one feels weird talking about defecate. Even talking to a loved one, we feel uncomfortable talking about intimacy. That is because that makes us vulnerable.

Meditation is about cleaning one's own being. It's about opening you up. And don't be afraid of becoming vulnerable. Because your true being is Eternal, Infinite and indestructible.

All you have to do is not do anything. Exactly like when you defecate. Just sit and relax. Defecation happens by itself. If you try to do it, nothing happens. And if what comes out stinks too much, just watch what you have been allowing to get into your mouth. Just watch what you have been allowing to come into your heart.

This is it.

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