Sunday, February 17, 2008

The way I feel, Zen is about satisfaction through the elimination of distraction, because the satisfaction is inside. If one does not contact this natural level of satisfaction, he or she will be vulnerable to pursue that satisfaction outside. When a person tries to find satisfaction outside, the things of the world become like beautiful baits, but baits nonetheless. They become that kind of bait that is colorful and pretty, attractive to a fish, but they are actually a hook in disguise, no nutrition just death. Once that happens, a person become a hungry gullible fish in a barrel loaded with irresistible baits, irresistible hooks.

What Zen does to me is to show that life is not a barrel, and that satisfaction is not outside. If a person finds inner satisfaction Life reveals itself as a infinity ocean of possibilities, and the fish realizes that he is not just a fish, he is the fish and the ocean. There is no separation. Circumstances may be limited and limiting, but, emotional possibilities and emotional choices are always infinite and limitless if the person realizes that satisfaction is inside, that the one who owns satisfaction owns the world. The world is just a way back to what one is already is. Zen is the way back home.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming to think, the so called freedom may be the most imprisioning thing. Once one thinks that he or she is free, one becomes attached to freedom and is afraid to loose it, fights to keep it. But if one is afraid, if one has to fight, there is no freedom anymore, because attachment is there, and attachment is the opposite of freedom. Attachment is the ultimate and everpresent prison.

A bird in a cage may not fly out even when the gate is open, because in the cage is where he has always found food, water, protection. The cage is not a cage, the cage is home. The bird just can't fly away because the cage is inside. The cage is always inside.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A cockroach will be a cockroack does not matter where it is. It feels at home in in the sewage. In a palace, it will look for the trash bin to live and gorge.

A lion will be a lion, it does not matter where it is. In the jungle, reigns among all animals. In a palace, it will eat the king.

Zen, as I understand, is not concerned with who one is. It focus on transformation, growth, independence. No matter where a person goes, what a person does, that person will only be and do what that person is. Therefore, the better thing to be is freedom, independence, fluidity, in a way that one is able to keep rensponsive to the changes in the environment. Attachment to identity frequently means ruin and suffering.

In some circunstances a cockroach is much more skillful, powerful, able to survive than a lion. Better than be a cockroach or a lion, then, is not to be attached to identity and change as the environment and circunstances change, and win.