Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A cockroach will be a cockroack does not matter where it is. It feels at home in in the sewage. In a palace, it will look for the trash bin to live and gorge.

A lion will be a lion, it does not matter where it is. In the jungle, reigns among all animals. In a palace, it will eat the king.

Zen, as I understand, is not concerned with who one is. It focus on transformation, growth, independence. No matter where a person goes, what a person does, that person will only be and do what that person is. Therefore, the better thing to be is freedom, independence, fluidity, in a way that one is able to keep rensponsive to the changes in the environment. Attachment to identity frequently means ruin and suffering.

In some circunstances a cockroach is much more skillful, powerful, able to survive than a lion. Better than be a cockroach or a lion, then, is not to be attached to identity and change as the environment and circunstances change, and win.

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