Friday, January 9, 2015

#JeSuisCharlie / God is a Comedian

 Zen has no gods. However, it intensely focus on the godliness of all beings. The main goal of zen practice is to unveil one’s eyes to realize such ever present godliness. This realization does not come through the belief in doctrines nor through the faith in an imagined God. For zen, every being (animated or inanimate) is sacred. However, such sacredness comes as fruit of a peaceful rebellion against everything that is so-called sacred. All of us reflect a truth that is one and the same for all. All beings are together one sole being. Therefore, zen laughs at sacredness because everything is sacred.

Only seemingly a paradox, Truth is to be found through inquiry and doubt, through the realization that there is no absolute truth. All truth is relative depending on how we reflect the same one truth existent inside each other. The only absolute is relativism. Truth may be only one. However, it manifests in a unique way through each one different being. That is why zen laughs at absolutes.

If your belief and truth is shaken by laughter, how strong and real is it? Laughter is the killer of false truths, self-importance and delusion. Laughter is an awakening alarm from falsehood. Laughter is only a threat if one is attached to false gods. If there is a god in zen, and there is none, that god is laughter.

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