Thursday, December 30, 2004

Nothing is more fulfillling than a empty cup

In zen, to become mature is to become a playful child. Like a child who plays making soap bubbles or seeing pictures in the clouds, the man of zen knows that every phenomena in Nature, in Life is temporary. But this realization is not delusive. The man of zen is open to the surprise and renewal, the refreshment that Change brings. Like the child playing with the clouds and soap bubbles, he is always ready, automatically fills the empty cup that Life offers with the joy that overflows from his being.

Circumstances are just soap bubbles, clouds, butterflies. In the minute that you try to get serious about them, the whole joy of their temporality is killed. You pin a butterfly on a styrofoam board, you cut the flowers and put in a vase. Then, you turn a garden of delight that Life can be into a graveyard.

Everything in Nature , in Life, changes but changing. And Man does not want things to change. He separates himself from Nature. When you stop changing, you die. You suicide when you stop yourself from growing.

In Life there are only growth and rottening. There's no stillpoint. So, just let things go on moving. Embrace change with your personal growth. Every moment is nothing more than an empty cup, it's up to you what that cup is gonna be filled with.

This is it.

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