Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Zazen is nesting

To sit in zazen, meditation, is to nest. It's heaven itself, like we found in our mother's womb. Warmth, food and comfort.

The whole role of zazen, meditation, is to erase all the noise and drafts, and mistakes of our basic behavior program. Basically, meditattion put us in contact with our Tabula Rasa again, for a fresh start. And then, we are thrown in the open air, immense skies, to fly. Freedom. Like a bird you can fly in the air, but also, like a bird, you can't get attached to the air. In the moment you try to grab it, you start falling.

So, zazen, meditation, is like nesting. You voluntarily turn yourself into a egg. Silent, no movement, no attachment, no prejudice, no fear: The shell is broken. And Life raises you to fly free.

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