Sunday, November 16, 2008

Autumn Leaves

I was sweeping the leaves outside. The ground is still wet. It rainned all day yesterday. There is this one low spot on the pavement where water always accumulates. I have to fix that one day, as everything else that I have to fix in the house, as everything else that I have to fix in my life. I don't even know if Life is fixable. I don't think it is because my life, for example, keeps outgrowing my fixings.

Regardless, all I could do for now was not to break the concrete apart and rebuild the whole thing right, not to break my whole life apart and rebuild the whole thing up, but just sweep most of the leaves on a pile, so it looked less messy. That brought me contentment. Enough contentment to motivate me to wash the dishes in the think. Enough contentment to come running here and write about it to everyone to see it.

Life is like that sometimes for me. I do what I am able to do, regardless of what I am unable to do. And regardless of that, I am able to find some nurturing contentment, and that contentment spreads, better, contagiate other parts of my life. I would like to contagiate other people with this simple contentment too, but that is not up to me. Regadless, I try. That is what I want my writting to be about.

Anyway, I wish, and I hope, one day I'll be able to find happiness in simplicity, that would make things less complicated.

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