Monday, October 20, 2014

Into the Night, singing in Moonlight; into the Dawn, dancing with White Clouds.

The verses above come from the following poem:

Oh wise gentlemen, ignore me!
Like I ignore you fools.
I’m not stupid, I’m not wise,
from now on I’m just gone.
Into the night, singing in moonlight;
into the dawn, dancing with white clouds.
That’s the way to occupy your hands and mouth!
I can’t just sit still while my hair grows!

(Cold Mountain Poems, pg.29 – J.P.Seaton)

This is a very rich poem; many things could be said about it. However, these two verses caught my attention the most. It feels like a beautiful way of saying that it does not matter the situation, there is more than one way of finding joy in life and making it sacred.

The beautiful photo is a black & white interpretation of a photo by Gracey Stinson. She is very talented. Many of her photos you can download for free here.

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