Sunday, November 18, 2007

Swords of fire and the Garden of Eden

Only after I deep realized that Life is suffering, and that suffering happens because of a conditioned mind, only then, I could deeply experience Life as pure Joy. Before realizing that the nature of mind is conditioned, one can’t realize true happiness. Without that realization, one can only have a pretension of happiness, a pretension that is not even a glimpse of the real thing.

It’s like being addicted to a pacifier and having never known the milk of the mother’s breast. It’s like being addicted to cool-aid and having never known the nectar that sprouts out from the fruit of tree in the Garden of Eden.

I said it before, and I am remembering myself again: there is only way out from suffering, and that is the way in, into oneself’s true nature, through the realization that Life under the auspices of a conditioned mind is a life of suffering. The way in is through meditation, only then can one pass through the seraphs swords of fire that guard the Garden of Eden.

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