Thursday, November 29, 2007

The way I want to live my Life

Wherever I am going, I want to enjoy the landscape. My life is sightseeing, cross-country trip, a cruise. I refuse to let my life to become a sprint race. A race to a place where I don't even know that I'll ever arrive to or if I'll like when I get there.

Whoever I may become on the way, whoever I may be becoming, I want to enjoy who I have been ,who I am right now and who I was.

One must find satisfaction and joy in everyday ordinary life, even though Life is not perfect, even because perfection does not exist. It's very torturous to let our satisfaction to depend exclusively on goals, even because those goals may never be achieved, and if achieved they are never enough. It is part of human nature to always want more.

Life has to be felt, lived and enjoyed as a process, as continuous growth, and not as isolated goals ignoring what is between. Most of the time, anyway, we aren't achieving goals, but, actually working for them. Therefore, not enjoying everyday common living is truthfully wasting most of Life.

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